“TRUZMANS” , founded by Bioland Arıtma Ltd, has been working on water and wastewater treatment equipments , biogas plants, odor and gas purification plants, package type water treatment plants manufacturing with experienced key personnel of 40 people. In fact, it can be stated that all types and kinds of tailored steel manufacturing in general is TRUZMANS’s activity.

Bioland Arıtma targets to acquire a reputation among water and wastewater manufacturing equipments with its superior design and outstanding product quality.


We have set our mission as the enhancement of the quality of our products and continuous revision of the manufacturing methodology according to well-known national and international standards.

BİOLAND ARITMA aims to fulfill the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System in a timely manner and to meet the requirements of its customers in a timely and complete manner and to continuously improve it and to provide unconditional customer satisfaction.