Chemical Wastewater Package Treatment Unit

The chemical treatment unit is a compact system where coagulation, flocculation and precipitation units are combined on a single tank. The system includes chemical preparation and dosing units. The chemical treatment unit is equipped with a promotion tank and sludge treatment units. It is an idel solution, especially in industries that require space shortages or portable facilities. The system is manufactured as standard according to capacities of 5 to 25 m3 / h.The system has fast mixing, slow mixing, precipitation and chemical preparation units. The quick mixing unit consists of a can which works according to the hydraulic splash principle. The flocculant and flocculant aid are dosed into this unit. In the slow mixing unit, flocculation is performed by providing the appropriate speed gradient. If necessary, pH control is performed in the unit. The mixture is provided with either a vertical shaft mixer or air. The flocculated water entering the sedimentation unit, which is arranged as a fast precipitator with lamellas, rises up through the plates and leaves the unit by sluing from the top. The flocculating tangles towards the base are withdrawn from the hopper type base and given to sludge treatment. According to the characteristics of wastewater in the system, coagulant, coagulant aid and acidic and alkaline chemicals for pH adjustment are dosed to the system completely automatically. The unit is made of carbon steel as standard and is protected with mastic based epoxy inside and outside. Optionally, it can be produced as stainless steel or GRP based.